Survivor Fantasy League

Survivor: Game Changers

Not content with merely watching the show, Stu and Craig have decided to enjoy Survivor in an entirely new way - by creating a Survivor Fantasy League. We have chosen our "fantasy team" from the current crop of castaways, and each week we will earn points based on how our players perform (5 points for finding an immunity idol, 4 points for winning tribal immunity etc). The league is managed by the folks at Fantasizr.

Fantasy Leagues are better with more players, and who better to play along than some real Survivors! Joining us are Matt (ChestersAngels), Nick (A bit 'Nickish') and Andrew (Ferrari Ducks) - all Survivors from last year's Australian Survivor.

Each week Stu and Craig will keep you posted on the Survivor Fantasy League, to ultimately find out who is the Fantasy League Sole Survivor!

The Draw

DRAGON SLAYERS (Stu from Drop Your Buffs)
James "J.T." Thomas Jr.
Michaela Bradshaw
Hali Ford
Ciera Eastin

SURVIVORS READY (Craig from Drop Your Buffs)
Malcolm Freberg
Caleb Reynolds
Cirie Fields
Sandra Diaz-Twine

A BIT 'NICKISH' (Nick from Australian Survivor)
Sierra Dawn Thomas
Tai Trang
Debbie Wanner
Aubry Bracco

CHESTERS ANGELS (Matt from Australian Survivor)
Jeff Varner
Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth
Andrea Boehlke
Tony Vlachos

FERRARI DUCKS (Andrew from Drop Your Buffs)
Sarah Lacina
Brad Culpepper
Troy "Troyzan" Robertson
Zeke Smith

Scoring rules

Confessionals & Questions
Player confessionals: +1 per confessional (10 seconds between confessionals is a new confessional for scoring purposes)
Player voting confessional: +2 if Player has a confessional while casting their vote at Tribal Council
Player says the title of the episode: +3
Jeff Probst questions: +1 per question directed to the Player by Jeff at Tribal Council or a Challenge

Immunity & Idols
Player wins immunity: +4 tribal, +7 individual, +10 for winning Final Immunity Challenge
Player's Tribe gets second place in immunity challenge (three-tribe format only): +3 
Player finds or plays a hidden immunity idol: +5
Player has possession of a hidden immunity idol at the start of an episode: +1
Player is awarded, finds, or plays extra vote advantage (if implemented this season): +5
Player receives Legacy Advantage (either when found or when willed by the exiting Player who previously held the Advantage): +5
Player is saved from elimination by hidden immunity idol: +10
Player is saved from elimination by extra vote advantage (if implemented this season): +10

Player wins reward: +3 tribal, +5 individual, +2 if picked

Surviving Tribal Council
Player survives Tribal Council: +2 for all who attend Tribal and are not voted out
3rd place: +10
: +14
Sole Survivor: +20
Fan Favorite: +10
Player Quits: -5